A thrilling   experience that is certain to entertain and inspire your audience!

What kind of speaker are you looking for?


Dave provides a stunning physical demonstration of the power of the mind and delivers a powerful message that is as motivating as it is entertaining! Your audience will witness super-human feats of strength that will leave them in awe.

But more important than that they will leave inspired to become the greatest possible version of themselves.

Are you looking for something different than the same old boring "clap your hands" attempt at engagement that audiences have come to expect? Dave doesn’t just talk…He demonstrates his message with  a mind-blowing performance that will keep your audience talking long after the event is over!

People may forget what a speaker says; but they always remember how that speaker made them feel.

We will talk on the phone to create the perfect experience for your event.

Ready to make your event unforgettable?

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